Before you start your first exercise, here are a few things you may want to look at first.

Learning Goals

Each exercise has very specific learning goals. A complete list of those for the entire course can be found in the SYLLABUS section.


Your knowledge and skills build up progressively in the exercise series. You use concepts and script written in previous exercises. You should therefore make sure you do not miss any exercise, or catch up before the subsequent exercise.

Exercise Materials

You will not need much to do this course, and we will provide you with necessary hard- and software. If you prefer to work on your own computer, make sure you installed:


While the language used in this course is Python, you are free to use a different language you feel more comfortable with.


In this exercise series, you will be introduced to some vocabulary you may not yet know. A complete list the terminology used in this course (incl. definitions and examples) can be found in the DICTIONARY.


We are very happy to get feedback for this exercise series during and after class, and we will adapt to maximise learning efficiency and fun! :)


Ask Questions!

Many exercises are designed for you to experiment with what you have learned and ask questions. You are strongly encouraged to do so to make sure you have a solid grasp of the taught concepts. This is important since subsequent exercises will build on previously leanred concepts. Furthermore, it gives us an idea of where we can improve the course. We all started learning at some point, so don’t worry if your questions seem basic. We are happy to help you learn! :)

… now that this is out of the way, you’re good to go!