This page contains general information for the course “INTEGRATE”.

Short Description

The INTEGRATE (Integrated Teaching of Atmospheric Science, Technical/Computer Skills and Empirical Methods) teaching package covers the theory and hands-on approach of collecting atmospheric data and working with readily available climatological records on real problems using modern empirical methods.


[Insert teacher/instructor name and contact details]

Course meetings

We meet here:

  • Lectures: [insert time and place]

  • Exercises: [insert time and place]


  • The course is taught in [insert language]. The instructional materials are in English.

  • The course is taught in Python, but participants are free to use any language they prefer (Matlab, Fortran, C, etc.).

Course Materials

  • [insert link for university course entry]

  • Anaconda 3.7 (Python 3.7 distribution, including Spyder IDE, numpy and matplotlib).

  • University computers will be provided, but students are free to bring their own laptops (Linux/Windows/OSX).


[insert eligibility criteria]