INTEGRATE Teaching Package

INTEGRATE (INTEGRation of Atmospheric science, Technical and Empirical methods) is an open-access, open-source teaching package covers the topics of physical climatology, empirical methods and a hands-on approach of collecting and analysing atmospheric data. It is based on a workshop and lecture series taught by Sebastian G. Mutz at the University of Tübingen. Its further development was supported by the EGU Higher Education Teaching Grant 2020.

For Teachers

Teachers of the course are advised to start here with our teacher guide. We support the use and further development of our materials by other teachers and thus release the course source code under a very permissive license on this GitHub page. Please consult our licensing and terms of use to make sure you are aware of all the possibilities you have with this package.

For Students

Students can get an overview of the course in the general information section and a more detailed overview of the learning goals and course contents in the syllabus section.

For Developers

The entire source material for this course website (incl. all figures and code) is available from this GitHub respository.


Did the teacher’s guide or course material leave any unanswered questions? Do want to share your experiences with this course? Do you have other feedback or simply wish to get in touch about teaching and science? Feel free to e-mail me: sebastian@mutz.science

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