Project P007

Project Goals

You are quantifying the differences (or discriminability) between a Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) and pre-industrial (PI) climate in South America, and estimate the relative contribution of each investigated variable to the overall discriminability. You are basing your analysis on near surface temperature (temp2), zonal and meridional winds (u10 and v10).

Project Data

You will use climate model simulation output for the two investigated time periods. Furthermore, you will need files for land-sea distribution and orography for masking. The data will be provided in class.

Project Methods

Apply a (multivariate) linear discriminant analysis to the long term annual means of investigated variables for two different regions:

  1. Terrestrial high altitude (>600m) southern South America (60S-70S)

  2. Terrestrial low altitude (<600m) southern South America (60S-70S)

Optional: Carry out the same analysis for another region you are interested in, e.g. central Europe.